72mil SP Leshak pilot with cap, Indy + mining skills


Pilot has positive sec status and can use level 5 agents.
Mid-grade slave clone and mid-grade Talisman clones located in HS.
No kill rights and is located in HS.

Has Precursor BS, large precursor torrent and spec to 5. Also has cap skill books injected.

I will be using Plex to transfer the character.

Start bid 65 billion.
Please don’t message in game as I won’t pick it up. I will be back at my PC later today to transfer if a decent offer is made.

65 bil

65bil accepted

Cool. I will transfer the ISK in 2-3 hours when I am at my PC

Wow wow wow, slow down space cowboy. Bid accepted isn’t going, going, sold! It’s means you’ve hit the absolute minimum I would accept (and I’m not saying you won’t get it for this amount, I would just like more)

Do we have any more offers?

I am out, 65 is my max

Recieved and request to transfer submitted with proof mailed in-game. Thank you

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