WTS VNI pilot / barge miner 12m sp


I will pay transfer
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
In NPC Corp
No assets
2 Bonus Remaps
Located in High Sec

Starting bid 12B

it’s not registered in an NPC corp yet on skillboard. but I’ll offer the 12 if MrChaoz is in jita or close by

Its in jita and npc corp now, just dropped so it might not have updated.

okay my first transfer is there a way to refresh that skillboard?

Yeah, its updated now.

okay so now I transfer the isk to you, right?

I’m US EST so tonight I’ll be able to be on fully and we can go through the process

Still taking bids for at least 24 hrs. Thx!

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11 Bil BO can be online in 3 hours

No thanks, 12B to start.





12B. How long will it take me to get the account?

12B accepted. About 5 days was how long the last ones took. Send isk to MrChaoz, and I will start the xfer. thx!

Give me two hours to prepare.

ok, send the account name you want me transferred to as well.