WTS 23.8m SP Ishtar/Gila/Jackdaw/Tengu Pilot

Character no longer for sale.

skill link is private.

Oh so sorry, I think I fixed it. First time using that site.


I’ll offer 20b if nobody takes your price.

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Sounds good. I’m at work right now, I will send the ISK before the end of day.

My first time doing a character transfer, do you just need the account name?

Yes account name.
Don’t send anything yet, I had not read that the character needs to be at least 14 days old to transfer, this character is on day 12. If you don’t mind waiting 2 days we can still do the transfer then. If not I understand.
Let me know. o7

thanks. in that case i’ll withdraw my offer for now to see if something else pops up sooner. i’ll keep an eye on this thread.

Once transfer is initated, it takes 10 hrs to complete

Character is no longer available.