SOLD 23.5M SP Tengu, Orca, Flycatcher Crane

Recently injected character that I realized I don’t need.

19B BO

12b ready

14b ready

15b Ready

Today or tomorrow ill end the auction.



16 Billions

contacted in-game

18b ready

18b accepted. If you still want it for that send isk and account and ill transfer Logistical.

sending now

isk and account sent

Sorry Isk returned and sale canceled. I did not know you cannot transfer characters less than 14 days old.

Very sorry to waste your time

To the recycler I guess.

How long until those 14 days are done?

5 days

I can wait the 5 days if you want

Ok ill message you in 5 days and see if you still want her. Sorry again, I did not know that was a rule.

Not a problem! Let me know in 5 days

still looking to sell?

Sorry I was moving and never got a chance to get on. If your interested I can still sell, if not no problem. I’m still on the fence so if you don’t taker her I probably wont sell.

Thanks either way!