Hi I’m for sale!

Green wallet
Recon V
Caldari BS V
Logi V
perfect tengu
perfect falcon
Great support character
Start: Offer
Buy: 38 OBO

I pay transfer fees

Sale will run through till March 15th



Retracted sorry have already purchased another character.

if Friday on the 15th rolls around and you are the only bidder she’s yours :slight_smile:


29 bil here

I’m happy with that, If you’re good to wait till friday morning I can make the character transfer then!

31 bil



Sold, are you still interested?

Edit: If you wish to continue with the purchase, Please send a mail to this character From Gattanera with the account information you would like the account sent to and the isk, and I will transfer it same day!


25Bil isk ready now

31 Bil offered

Youre offering 31?

If you come up to 30 its yours, ill start transfer rn


I appreciate the offer but 30 is really my lowest id be willing to go, so like i said, 30 and ill start the transfer rn, im walking up the steps of my house as we speak

ill pass dont need it that bad good luck with the auction