yes you can send isk how do i proceed with transfer?

I send you an isk and a letter with the data where to send the character. and you send it through your personal account, only this is a paid service, it costs $ 20. Is this your first sale?

yes i found the transfer page and dont mind paying

Isk sended
Account send to WhiteCarrier

Please write when you put the character on the transfer, so that I know when the countdown of 10 hours starts.

okay just got done paying for transfer and got confirmation of payment. If you need to reach me I have another character named White Threat.

Okey o7 thx !

hey. I still haven’t received the character. Are you sure you did everything for the transfer?

I paid and typed the correct account for character to send to. I will open ticket with support i guess. But my bank was definitely charged.

Okay i have ticket open with them. I do still have access to character on forums at least. Ill work on this as much as i can while im at work. If i dont hear anything back by the time i get off work i will just pay for transfer again and then ask for refund on backside.

Thanks a lot! I hope we can sort this out together. First time like this)

Yah it doesnt help that its my first time doing this either but the transfer process seemed hard to mess up so i think its just an uncommon glitch on their side hopefully.

Hey just letting you know i just put in the transfer again and character immediately dissappeared on my side so rhats a good sign you should be good 10 hours from now. I still have ticket open though, will make sure everything is correct on their side and i get my money back on one of them.

looking forward to the character

Hey did you get access to character now?

Hey. Yes/ Thanks. all done)

Perfect good to hear!

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