Sold 0/

Positive wallet
1 yearly remap
All rules apply
Can sit a dread
12 days of sitting a carrier
Great gunnery support and skills
Amarr frig/destroyer/cruiser/battlecruiser/bs to level 5
Tactical destroyer
Assault frig
Heavy assault cruisers
Covert ops
Strategic cruiser
Blops level 4
Bhaal with minmatar BS support to level 4
46 bill start bid 56 b/o


I’ve use my “sturm yaken” character sent you a mail. If you are ready ,reply the mail and I’ll pay you the isk. Thanks.

Almost done I’ll reply in game when ready.

Offered 52 bill which I will accept.

52b isk Please check your wallet

Please dont post your account login here ill sort it from in game mail.
Edit you have sorted it.


Need to change the transfer account?

Have isk and have started the transfer by card you should have email verification. Thank you.
Edit I’ve transfer wrong character I’ll contact someone to sort it. It should still be with you in the usual time.

ok My email has received a message from ccp

Yea I have filled out a support ticket and it should arrive to you like normal still I would imagine and the other character has the isk on and a bit of mine, so you won’t be out of pocket. But it should be sorted anyway.

ok I am waiting for his arrival.

Yea it’s usually around 10 hours by card so check back then.

Are you transferred to a different role?

The wrong character was transferred like I said. If you leave the character and the isk on the character that was transferred untill a GM or whoever has read my support ticket and sorted it. You will still get your character just the mods seem be taking a while to read the support ticket. Please be patient and leave the character that was transferred as it should be sorted today hopefully l. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nothing, people always have a mistake. I will put the character in it and wait for the right person to enter.

Ok thanks. Yea just leave the character as it is and isk. Support tickets can take up to 24 hours so it shouldn’t be to much longer before it is read. #949792 is the ticket number you can check up on it’s status with a mod it may help speed things along. Sorry again.

Ok, I will wait patiently. Isk on coasteleve does not move I only hope that GM can be a bit faster now, because it has disrupted my plan.

Yea same here. There was activity on the ticket a few hours ago so I’m hoping they have seen it, though no response from them. The help on this game is so slow and if someone has seen the ticket I dont see why they couodnt atleast say its being looked into. I’ve paid by cash so its even more frustrating to me that it hasn’t been sorted yet.