WTS 10.4m SP Force Recon(Amarr) Pilot (SOLD)

(Katherine Martel) #1

All CCP Rules followed
Pilot in High Sec
Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
2 Remaps
Full +5 Implant Jump Clone

Great focused skills.


Accepting bids.

(System Guard) #2

Good Morning.
I am willing to offer 9B BO.

(Katherine Martel) #3

A fair offer. I will accept. Please send isk and account name at your convienece

(System Guard) #4

Excellent, thank you.
Isl will he sent 18:00 uk time

(Katherine Martel) #5

I was hoping you would say that. As its 4 am lol and im lying in bed. Ill transfer shortly after reciecving.

(Katherine Martel) #6

Online, and waiting for isk and to transfer. Thank you.

(System Guard) #7

Isk and account name sent

(Katherine Martel) #8

Character transfer initiated by customer support, via 1000 plex. Thank you for the purchase. At times Support is actually faster than the 10 hours. So please be sure the account has an open character slot.

(System Guard) #9

Character still not received.
Can you please check its still in progress?

(System Guard) #10

Still nothing through.
Ticket opened

(Jin Chang) #11

It takes a while … i waited like 3-4 days once …

(Katherine Martel) #12

Hello System Guard, CCP has yet to transfer the character. My best guess is due to the newest patch on the 6th they’ve been flooded with tickets.

Due to the length of time this process is taking, I can either refund the 9b isk, or process it via manual payment on monday. Or we can just wait and see if the ticket gets answered this weekend.

As you can see via this screen capture, I put the ticket in the minute you transferred the isk to my account. No reply has been received from ccp.

(System Guard) #13

Its ok, i can wait.

I feared you may have only had that char on that account, and wouldn’t notice it hadn’t gone through.
The fact you have replied makes it all good.

(Katherine Martel) #14

No I have my main character on this particular account, and haven’t logged into Katherine since the transfer is initiated, to remove any other concerns, I sold you another character just a few days ago. I believe it was an orca pilot for 4.5b isk. Which I processed manually. If the transfer is not completed by monday afternoon, I will spend the 20 dollars and transfer it manually.

(System Guard) #15

no probs

(Katherine Martel) #16

Thank you.

(Katherine Martel) #17

I’ll be manually transferring this character tomorrow. Approx 16 hours give or take.

(System Guard) #18

Ok thank you.

(Katherine Martel) #19

You’re welcome expect an email in the next 4 hours. My math was off.

(Katherine Martel) #20

Character Transfer has been initiated.