SOLD \o/

Focused Amarr (ARK) JF pilot. These are the skills:

7.57 Mil SP and increasing

One bonus remap available
No corp history
No kill/loss mails
No jump clones
Positive wallet
Docked in High-sec - Amarr

JFC IV training to V
JDC IV training to V

Jump Freighter IV
Amarr Freighter IV

Slots 1, 3 and 4 - standard training implants

All CCP rules apply - I pay the transfer fee.

Start bids 8Bil

Transfer will take place through CCP using PLEX

Bid retracted.

Excellent, thanks for the bid. I will keep it in mind. :slight_smile:



7b b\o

Thanks for the bid but I will keep the auction running.

8.1b bid

Hi, thanks for the bid. Just updated the SP. Make your bid 8.6Bil ISK and the char is yours.

8.6b - Deal, isk and account name will be sent in-game via my main.

ISK and account information sent.

Hi, thanks for the isk and account name.

Ticket for transfer submitted to CCP.


Still not seeing any activity, is it possible for you to post the ticket information for transfer is started?

Give it time.

CCP can take hours to days to process the ticket.

Ticket info sent in game.


24hrs later - still no transfer, no sign of transfer. Usually takes only 10hrs from transfer purchase? I do not think i understand the process you used?

What is this delay? Scam? I wait patiently for a response.

Mate, this is not a scam.

You have the transfer number. Using PLEX for transferring characters is a well established method in the CCP rules. Google it. You will see it can take hours to days. Your purchase is safe. If you do not believe this then raise a ticket with CCP.

Ok, thank you for reassurance. I will take your advice and be patient. I appreciate your attention.

I have chased up CCP to try and get them to transfer the character asap.

Buyer write in support, it is likely that this is a scam!

Peach Gator
After CCP get a grip and process to completion the transfer, please post that fact on here.

Hope your ready to write an apology. Your opinion will not count for much. Trolling is not nice.