WTS: 5m SP Gila / VNI Pilot

I am up for sell:


  • 2 Remaps
  • In Jita
  • No Killrights
  • Transfer will be done by plex
  • Nice name

Starting Bid: 4b
B/O: 5B

i am interested can you in game mail me for bid

Mail is send

Daily up

Up we go

Havent heard anything, still interested ?

To the top we go

I will buy Crahtu for the 5B buyout.


Accepted. Please send isk and details… then I can start processing things

You responded very fast. Much faster than I thought.
I need about 7-1/2 hours more, as I am clearing out a spot for Chahtu. I biomassed an unused player.
So if it’s ok, I will send you the isk this evening and my account details in EVE.

Please do, Then I can create a support ticket at CCP. They take their time aswell… like approx. 48hours to transfer a char.

Hi, I sent the isk and my account information in EVE mail.

I won’t have an open slot until about 8:35pm est. That’s when I will finalize the biomassing of my unused character. So you would, please start the transfer just afterwards so there’s no problems.

Just a short time ago, I purchased another character, the seller made their payment with plex, and within 3 hours, the new character was in my account.




ISK is received. Support ticket is created to for the transfer.

Nothing yet, not even a notice from CCP that the character transfer has been initiated.
I even contacted CCP about the transfer, and I haven’t even received a reply from them. I guess they don’t work on Sundays.

Ok, nothing yet. No character and no notice from CCP that the character transfer has even been initiated.
I have sent CCP a ticket to check this transaction out, and I have yet to hear from them.

If this delay is because plex was used by the seller to pay the transaction fee, I advise anyone to think twice about buying a character if the seller is using plex.

Going on two days, this is just not right.

I have seen in several posts, it can take up to 48h… unfortiantly, this is something I have no control over.
I hope CCP sorts tis soon.

My faith has been restored. Some time between your last comment, and about 3 hours ago, I did receive the character. I also got an apology from CCP.
Thank you for what looks to be a very rounded character. Forgive me for my thoughts.

Have fun with me :slight_smile:

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