WTA 5.3 mil SP char

WTS myself


Positive sec/wallet no jc’s no killrights
Located in Jita

Ends Downtime 20/3/2018

4.5b b/o

1.3 b offer

2.0 b

2.3b b/o

2.5b b/o

2.8b b/o

Bumpv :slight_smile:

2.9B b/o

3b b/o

3.1b b/o

Bump :slight_smile:

3.3b offered

3.4b ?

Highest Bid so far ends DT tomorrow

Bump :slight_smile:

ISK ready, waiting for trade …

Iskies to me and evemail me your account name

ISK sent to Ole Mackerel, pls transfer the character to the account name: tlstar

Transfer started :slight_smile:

not received the character yet. anything wrong in the processing?
thanks to confirm