WTS 5M SP Char

5,052,419 SP
Cybernetics V
1 Bonus Remaps

No isk in wallet
Located in Jita
No killrights
No jumpclones
Security Status 0.00

3B offer

Accepted. Please send account info mail and isk.

Isk and info sent in game


Isk and mail recieved.
But it says “Target user is already involved in a character transfer.” when I tried to pay.
I ll wait some hours and try again.
Is this because you have another char transfering?

Yes, and its doesn’t arrived yet.
Can you try in few hours, pls ?

Another char just arrived, You can start the transfer.


Character Name: Rainfall River

Will be completed after: 7/28/2020 12:24:43 AM

Character transfer initiated. Please let me know if you have recieved it just in case. (Sorry i forgot i can’t reply after transfer.)


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