WTS 5.2m SP Mining/sp farming

5.2m sp
located in jita
positive wallet, npc corp, no kill rights
Biology and Cybernetics V
Full set +5 imps

Darth Beast Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

@Darth_Beast 4 bil offer

@Darth_Beast 5bil offer ?

i accept this offer. Send account name to transfer in evemail to me.

@Darth_Beast 5bill transferred and account details emailed to @Darth_Beast character, please confirm received both ? thanks

yes,i’ve got both.
i’ll start transfer asap.

Brilliant thank you !:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got an error on transfer, wrote mail to cs.
Could you wait for their responce?

What was the error over the transfer ?

i checked back on the email i sent you, the account detail is right and no issue logging in and using the toons on there, just double checked to make sure my side was ok.

Your side is ok.
Char was created long time ago in russia.
I got error on checkout instead of normal payment, which is strange because eve store works great.
Seems ccp has some sort of country flag but its implementation is…unusual.

So we can wait for answer or i can return the iskies.

we can give it some time, isnt an issue and ya i seen player transfer have been an issue with this side of the world. hopefully wont take to long to resolve.

@Darth_Beast is there any update from customer service ?.

Basically its gonna be a few days. I think since they dont allow payments from russia they have been doing plex transfers. So it may be a day or 2

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not yet.

I’m not in russia - so i don’t need that plex workaround.

Suprised once the charcter is transfered it still some what keeps its country’s creation, hopefully it gets fixed soon. Keep me posted on updates.

Almost day 3 are we any closer with this transfer yet ?

there is no answer from support yet.
i’m sorry - had no idea it’s so slow.
i’ll return iskies if you want to cancel the deal.

The creation location of the character shouldnt have mattered unless something illegal was done with the character. There are a few instances that prevent a char from being transferred. @ISD_Traindriver have any clue?