WTS 5mil + 373 722 Free SP, Planet Manager Toon

Skills - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nani_Alanka

SP - 4 992 964
Free SP - 410 844

  • Can handle 5 planets
  • Cybernetics V
  • Almost passive profits around 1bil ISK per month
  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Jita
  • Positive standing
  • I’ll pay transaction fee


Start - 4.8 Bil
B/o - 5.5 Bil


Friendly bump

4.8 B bid

Accepted, waiting for ISK and account name where to transfer (via in-game mail).

ISK and mail with accountname sent

Confirmed. Initiate character transfer with 1000 PLEX through support ticket.

Support ticket with ID #920269 created. Normally in 24 hours you will get character.


is it normal that i haven’t received anything yet ? not even a notification, i remember that the receiving party used to get a msg that there is a character tranfer undergoing

Hi, there no response yet

but last update of ticket was 1 hour ago, so GM already picket the character to transfer. Which means in 8 to 24 hours transfer will be done.

what’s going on ? almost 48 hours after payment and still nothing, not the slightest sign of a transfer … should i start worrying, i’ve done transfers in the past and it never took this long…

Hello, no worries, maybe support is on high pressure atm. I transferred myself 3 characters during this week with 1000 PLEX through support without any problem. Normally they respond at morning (EU time) + 8 hours and after telling you that character has been transferred.

Also, I send more one message to the created ticket, maybe it would help…

I’ll post here more info in case any updates.

Confirming i have received this character !

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