WTS 74m SP Character

WTS Myself 74m SP

Positive Sec Status
Positive wallet
Can run Gurista and Serpentis Lvl 4 missions
Magic 14 skills fully trained
Very capable PVE and PVP ready Pilot and can easily be specialised into a variety of different PVE or PVP roles.

5h4dy Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Starting Bid 50bisk

Starting Bid lowered to 40b and daily bump

i’ll bite, 40b

41 B offer

42b then

45b (except my money is stuck with some dude that accepted a bid on char bazaar, and 4 days later I’m getting admins to return my money).

46b bid

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48B offer

50b offer


52b offer

53bil offer

54b isk

Going to let this run for the remainder of today then will accept the highest bid which currently stands at 54b from Rick Danger

54.5b mate

55b isk

56 B Offer

57b isk

58B Offer

59b isk