WTS 74m SP Character

60B Offer

61, how long are we gonna keep this up ?

62B , until I reach your max offer or my max offer. sure we have different acceptable limits to what were willing to put out of pocket here.

alright, 63b on this character as well

Im still in: 64B

64,5b isk

65B Offer


No longer interested in this character. Good luck.

66,5b isk

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Offer accepted, can you email in game with details of account for transfer

Mailed details and transferred isk

will do last bits of admin after DT on the Char then will transfer.

Character has been transferred

Hey, the character is not being transferred to me. Confirmed this through CCP, so could you please initiate the transfer.

Check that this is done:

  1. All skill training must be paused before transferring the character as characters can not be transferred while having an active skill queue.

I have initiated the transfer and also paid the transfer fee, when I go back to account info it is saying there is 10 hour delay but this has well passed. My account transaction shows that I have paid the transfer fee so I am unsure why this hasnt been completed.

Can you post a screenshot from your login screen where it says that the character is transferring? I can put that screenshot into a ticket to ccp

Ive put a ticket in myself, they have took my money for which I have the receipt that the transfer has been paid but for whatever reason the transfer hasn’t gone through.

#2133411 is my ticket number, you can attach that to them as well.

My ticket number is 2133652, theres no skills training on the char, he is in an NPC corp, they have accepted the money for the transaction so I dont understand why it hasnt happened/