Wts 34m sp char

hi im selling me me
good cloaky camping hunting character
original name =)
i will recieve the isks
i am located in highsec near jita
wallet balance is positive
4 clone jump 2 located in high sec 2 in low sec
0 kill rights
i will pay transfer fee
starting bid 15b
im also in skill trainning towards dreads with most skills injected

increments of 500m

There’s a number of disclosures you’re missing from your post which are required by CCP’s character selling rules, which you can read in their post here Welcome to the Character Bazaar - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

Specifically those in Section C of that post.

up we go

still looking to sell

ping ping im worth a go

still here

up again

new year new character

15b offer

16 bil

still looking

Still available?

yes im still available

Would you accept 16.5B?

I tried to DM you in game from character Melborn if you DM me i’m online now. We can discuss a price.

im still available

up we go

18 Bil

18,5 bill B/O till tonight 21:00CET

19 Bil