Hi all,

I’m looking to sell this character.

This is a very well trained PVP / PVE character with 94.5 M SP

Great Caldari standing Caldari Navy 9,99 Caldari State 9,68
great trade skills - make ISK in JITA or Perimeter
fantastic gunnery specialist - make missions lvl 4

jump clones

  • Character is in the NPC corporation.
  • Wallet balance will be zero before transferring the character.
  • No kill-rights.
  • Located in Jita 4-4.
  • 116 ship skins

All CCP rules apply.

Starting bid: make my a offer

@Indycator the skillq link is not a share link, does not work, please update it with a public share link, or after 24 hours this post will lock.

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bump bump

bump bump

67B offer

thx keep them coming


70B offer

thx but no thx

bump bump

75b offer

77B offer

80b offer

81b yes

82b offer

85b yes

90b offer

95b yes

gg you win :slight_smile: it s pleasur to help player lost isk xD

Can’t take it to biomass with you. :crazy_face: