WTS Caldari 75.8 mil SP+



I will take the character for 40b

Thank you for the bid but that is just the starting point.
I have to reject it as its below what the injector value it.

just starting it off for you

45b :upside_down_face:

Thank you for the bid the number is getting much closer to the value of the character and just the injector value. It would be a shame to waste all the book skills injected and any loss of injectors by the new owner injecting them. Anyway the price is still not quite high enough.

Bump skill looking for a better offer.

Still looking for a better offer…

Bump for better bids.

Bump for bids.

50b offer

Thank you very much for the offer of 50 billion isk. however he is worth a lot more than that to me, the total value of the SP converted to injectors, IF you offer 55B isk I will sell him that’s my BO. He is a great Caldari character very focused and would take many years to recreate him. Thanks for your offer!

Still looking for better bids. This is a great character. If you wanted a focused Caldari missile boat character this is him.

Still looking. this will be the last post for a while. i will just go back and train him for a year or more. thanks.

Thank you all for the bids however i did not reach my target sale price so I"m going to leave this open if you want to bid please send me an eve mail to make your offer and then post it here. thanks.


Thank you for your offer of 55 billion isk I accept your offer please send info for your account and the isk to start the process. Also I will need a little time maybe an hour or so to transfer the assets to an alt.
Thank you and congrats.

Thanks, isk and account info sent.

Thank you again and Enjoy!

Payment receipt stamp time and date below.

22 Aug 2020 20:51