8.2 million SP Caldari Missile Char for sale (with minmitar topping) Price slashed

Hello I am for sale, I have 8,235,524 million skill points (694,210 of them are unallocated)

It takes 250k skillpoints to get a rank 1 skill to level 5 so with the unallocated skill points you can almost get 3 rank 1 skills of your choice to level 5

I created this char to learn solo missile PVP, it was rather successful. He has a mix of Caldari and Minmitar ship skills to be able to make use of the multitude of Minmitar missile ships. He can fly a single or dual xl ASB fitted Cyclone for solo tanked goodness.

When flying solo in PVP having capless weapons is a godsend.



Zippy Fandango | Character

Zippy Fandango: 167 ships destroyed and 6 ships lost.

I have no kill rights
I have a positive isk balance
My standings allow me to fly everywhere in hi-sec space. (-0.09)
I have no jump clones installed anywhere.
I have no implants
I have Injected a ton of extra skillbooks ready for training
I have a yearly remap available
I am immune to covid 19

I am docked in hi sec in Tar

Want to sell for 6 billion or near offer (dropped from 7.5 Billion)

I have sold half a dozen characters in last couple of months so buy with confidence, feel free to ask any questions.

If you dont have the isk, are waiting for isk, are buying isk…if you are waiting for a char to sell…or any other number of excuses I have listened to …do not bid or make offers.
Please note even If I accept your offer until I receive a mail here saying the isk and char details have been transferred everyone else can continue to make offers.
Only when I receive a mail here saying the isk has been paid and I have checked that it has arrived will the char be locked into a sale.

Sorry for wall of text but at this point I have heard everything, it is getting old :slight_smile:

I will pay transfer fee

daily bump

b u m p

big kabump

I can offer 4.5bil

Looking for a little more, but thank you for your interest.



I need a new dad chabump

We failed to refresh the skills for Zippy_Fandango. We received a 4xx error which usually means the access has been revoked by the owner. Please contact the owner to reauth.

Please update I might put up offer

i will deal with it right now

Updated the skillboard and turns out he has more skill points now, ready for sale.

I am still for sale and my trigger finger is getting itchy :slight_smile: Waiting patiently to throw missile goodness at your enemies. :slight_smile:

4.5 offer

Thanks for the offer but I am looking for a bit more.

crash boom bump

Nobody luvs me :frowning: kaboomabump

Dropped price by 1.5 billion

im up for 4,5b today

sry iam out

Guys thanks for the offers but I am looking for a little more than 4.5 bill at the moment.