Sold *Fly Safe

Skill Points: 24,090,175

Security Status: -1.08

Wallet: +

Kill Rights: None

Location: Jita IV – Moon 4

Jump Clones: Bahromab, Funtanainen, Itamo

Remap: Available, 3 bonus remaps available

Born: 2007.04.03

Notable Skills:

Advanced Weapon Upgrades V

Heavy Missile Focus

Cybernetics V

Shield Skills IV or V (Sub cap)

Caldari Battlecruiser V

Caldari Battleship V

Caldari Cruiser V

Caldari Freighter IV

Caldari Frigate V

Caldari Industrial V

Covert Ops IV

Heavy Interdiction Cruisers IV


PW: 1382

Will pay for transfer with cash rather than PLEX for your convenience.

All CCP rules apply

Bring this Caldari spitfire home with you for the new year!

Buyout: 24.5B

(edit to reflect the posted info below)

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sended you an ingame mail

Hello all,
I’m still for sale.
I had a nice offer to go home with someone last night. Still awaiting isk deposit.


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14b for Cimorine

22B Offer

Sent some EveMails.


20b if all deals fail

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Daily Bump.

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Still accepting offers for this Caldari pilot.


Enjoy the new buff to Heavy Missiles with this character! Get into your dream ship quickly with 4, count ‘em 4, available remaps.


Sold to Marauder Mike for 24.5b.

My good man. Send me your account deets.