(SOLD) WTS Caldari JF pilot 26m SP MAX JUMP SKILLS


Caldari freighter lvl 5
jump freighter lvl 4
MAX Jump SKills (JDC 5 / JFC 5)
Cybernetics lvl 5
can fly ORE freighter Bowhead
Mining Drones lvl 5
Can fly barges and 1d til Exhumers
Mining Foreman lvl 5
Can fly Caldari transport ships
14h from Rorqual ship skill

All CCP rules will be followed.
pilot is in empire
is in NPC corp
Wallet is poss
no assets worth mentioning

Bids start at 20b
Will run for 7 days unless I accept a buyout.

Character is SOLD…

21b ready


23 bil

Dailiy bump. still waiting on an offer i cannot refuse :slight_smile:

Daily bump. current bid is 23b. Ill let her go for 25.

23.5 bil?

ill bend for 24 Votineque.

Okay, good deal. I’ll be on in a few mins and send Isk and acct info to Moriah

sounds good. i accept a 24b buyout from votinque. awaiting acc info and isk on Moriah Markov.

Isk and acct info sent.

isk received and char has begun the transfer.

Character received,

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