!SOLD WTS 38M SP Female Multi Skill (CHARACTER SOLD)!

(Leon Kaallet) #1

Looking to sell 38m SP Caldari Pilot

Frig Lv 5
Dest Lv 5
Crui Lv 5
Recon Ship Lv3
Heavy Asst Crus Lv4
Interdiction Lv3
Mining Barge Lv 5
Exhumer Lv 4
Amarr Tac Destroyer Lv 3

Postive Wallet

Many Many Other skils for epuipment, drones , missiles

Starting Bid : 30Bil ISK
Buyout: 60 Bil ISK

EveBoard : http://eveboard.com/pilot/Luna_Kurvora

(Brock Khans) #2

I’d suggest a https://eveskillboard.com link or an eveboard.com link

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #3

30 Bil

(Leon Kaallet) #4

Will be back on tomorrow night, if no more bids she is yours

(Leon Kaallet) #5


(Leon Kaallet) #6

@Zazzel_Blackthorn 30 Bil still available if you want

(Leon Kaallet) #7

CHARACTER SOLD to @Perpetualed

(Luna Kurvora) #8

I have been SOLD to @Perpetualed

(Perpetualed) #9

ISK and account name sent via in game mail.

(Perpetualed) #10

Character transfer confirmation email received. Thanks for the fast transaction.

Fly safe.

(system) #11

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