WTS Caldari Starter Character - 5 M SP - 4 Billion ISK

Hi all,

I’m looking to sell this character.

Here is a link to her skill-sheet:


  • Character is in the NPC corporation.
  • Wallet balance is zero.
  • No kill-rights.
  • Located in Jita 4-4.

All CCP rules apply.

Price: 4 Billion ISK.


Thread reopened.

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can u do 3.5 bil? i Could buy in 20h ish


i can do 4bil now.

@Kamul_Easterling @Karmissa

Hi Kamul,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

If your offer of 4 Billion ISK is still valid, I’ll happily accept it.

I did, however, notice you’ve bought another character, so until I receive confirmation that you’re still interested, the character will remain for sale.

Many thanks!

I did buy an other toon, but i will need more, if you can wait a day or 2. id be willing to buy

Offer 4bil. Please let me know because the offer is time sensitive. Funs ready to be transferred.

4.1b offer


I accept your offer.

Please transfer the ISK and eve-mail me your user name.


isk and account information sent. Thank you.

Thank you, I will transfer ASAP.

Could you please give me a status update or an ETA? Thank you.


Please accept my apologies for the delay.

I will initiate the transfer within the next ten updates.

I’ll edit this post once the transfer has been started.

Thanks for your patience!


I’m having some trouble getting the payment to go through.

I will update you ASAP - sorry for the delay!



Forgive me for the delay in sending you the character.

The transfer has gone through, so the character will be on your account in 10 hours from this post.

Please let me know once you’ve received her.

Many thanks!

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Got it, thanks!