WTS 24m Focused Caldari Jump Freighter Pilot


Caldari Freighter V
Jump Freighter V
Adv. Spaceship Command V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation V

Everything trained is focused on hauling and has no waste. Has 400k in unallocated points. Has a remap available.

Isk goes to this character.
Character located in Jita. No negative wallet, kill rights, etc. All standard CCP rules apply.
Has a set of +5 implants and a clone with +4 located in Amarr.

Starting: 20B
No B/O, but I plan on selling within 24hours or when an offer looks fair based on other listings.

I’m a returning player and just looking to get some ISK to start playing again with, so if you have questions, feel free to ask.

Transfer will be done via PLEX, which still seems to be possible. If that process takes a little longer, be prepared for that.

14b for Aether Astaios

Appreciate the offer but seems low based on past sales. Characters with less training and 20m skill points going for 17b, for example.

15B b/o

18B o7

offer 19B

22B ?? Aether Astaios

25 bil BO offer available for the next 24 hrs


24B offer

Sorry, took an extended absence and am back to selling. 24B is current highest.

Recent offer backed out, back up for sale!

Still for sale!

23b offer

If I haven’t received a higher offer by the time I wake up in the morning (8-10 hours), 23b will take it.

Looks like that will do it. Send the money over and i’ll get the transfer process started.

Haven’t heard back from 23b offer, so back for sale.

16B Offer

No thanks. At this point, having received 3 different offers of at least 22B, that will be the starting. If I don’t get close to that i’ll just strip the skill points from the character and use them elsewhere.

Sounds good… I thought it fair as it was more than the extraction value, so wasn’t trying to under cut you… FLY SAFE!