WTS 21m SP Caldari Freighter V/JF IV/Transport V Pilot

Currently in Jita
Jump clones in Jita/Amarr
HG-Ascendancy 1-5 + WS-618 + EM706
HG-Ascendancy 1-5 + WS-618 + EM706

No killrights

No assets/wallet
Perfect jump skills
Bustard/Crane pilot with Transport Ships V
Caldari Freighter V

[Quantum Anomaly]

Edit - adding a buyout of 20B

15b right now

A bit less than I am looking for sorry

16b offer

Bump, BO set to 20B

plus to 17.5b

20b offer

Accepted, please send payment and account name to transfer to.

19b right now isk ready

No contact from previous buyer, still open to 20B buyout

Bump ^

Up again

18b offer now

20b offer

Accepted, send isk and details

isk, and account info sent.

Transfer begun, tyvm

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