WTS JF Pilot 23.5m SP - Amarr & Caldari Freight 5/JF5/JDC5/JDO5/JFC5

All CCP Rules Apply

Will be transfered by Plex Transfer.

Pass: 123

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
In High Sec

Amarr Freighter 5
Caldari Freighter 5
Jump Freighter 5
Cybernetics 5

Currently Training Minmatar Freighter 5

Yearly remap available now, no bonus remaps.

Looking for more than Extractor + Plex transfer cost.

Starting Bid:


19b offered

I’ll offer 20.5 billion

Thank you for your bid, B/O if someone doesn’t want to wait is 23b. I will keep this going for another 12 hours so ~0035 Eve Time on 6/1/18.

ill offer 21b

how far is it from minnie freighter 4 btw?

Min Freighter 4 is completed. Working now on Min Freighter 5

30 minutes until the sale is over. Get your bids in now!

Accepting your offer of 21b, please send isk and account name and I will initiate the transfer process.

isk and acc sent

Character transfer initiated to the requested account, additionally a imgur link has been sent to your evemail @Mad_Vemane with proof of ticket.

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