Selling Mastered jump skill and ark skill JF pilot 16.3mil SP, Caldari and Minmatar freighter trained to 4.
pw: 1234

Staring at 14bil cuz I dont wanna sell it at extraction price

Perfected JF pilot having jump skills and JF skill to V

Required info:
-Positive wallet
-Located in Jita
-No kill rights
-NPC corp,no corp history and clean KB
-Transfer to be done via plex
-Standard Argumentation set except Social.

-Evasive Maneuvering V
-Jump Drive Calibration V
-Jump Fuel Conservation V
-Amarr Freighter V
-Jump Freighters V
-Caldari Freighters IV
-Minmatar Freighters IV

Please make me an offer.

Confirming I’m for sale, this would be my first time doing transfer so I’ll try my best.

Happy New Year


14.5B B/O

Would expect it to go higher, bump.





ill do a 15.3 mate.

Bid accepted, please send in-game mail.

All sent

Mail and isk received. Ticket submitted, waiting for GM to start transfer.

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“Thank you for contacting EVE player experience. I have now transferred the character X Press to the desired account as you requested and removed the 1000 PLEX.”

Should be on its way.

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