Mods Please remove, transaction complete



i got this. really close to what you ask. all that is missing is to insert jf skill and some nav.

If intressted make a bid on it.


and another!

Changed the pw to


@Daltzi what are you looking for isk-wise

It May sound a bit high but I’D sell NOW
for 34 bill

Take into effect that this is one of the best JF characters out there with the best potential

@Brock_Khans how much?



The current bid is 30 bill buyout is 34 bill


Focused Caldari JF + Transport Ship

Yet again I’m still available for sale

And STILL the best that’s available

I’d take that 30 if I were you, profit from extract and sell is less than 24b!

Bump! Want to reiterate, looking for focused toons without excess SP in non-relevant skills. Prefer Caldari or Amarr JF/Industrial skills.
*edit: Also, no games. I’m not going to lowball you with a extraction price, but I’m also not going to pay a 10billion premium over extraction on a toon with 25mil sp.

mail me if your interested

@trance_travel i eve mailed you

Can Fly Black OPS
can fly Freighter
can fly Jump Freighter
Exelent PVP Pilot
Can Fly Orca