Jump Freighter/Rorqual Pilot

I am for sale.

Jump freighters V
Cybernetics V

In hisec
Positive isk
No kill rights

25b or best offer
Plex will be used for transfer.

18b due to quite a lot of skills not being useful for a JF pilot

Thanks for the offer.
Seeing as it is not a focussed JF pilot that is to be expected.

Yes I completely agree, I’m not wanting to be negative about your character at all, it is only that I am specifically searching for a JF pilot (I’m not a character trader, skill farmer etc).

nvm - im out

19b b/o

19.5b online now

20b isk rdy

Thanks for the offer.
Will hold on to it for a while see if there are any higher takers.


20.5 B/o valid for next 10 hrs. Or unless someone else accepts another offer I have made on a different toon first.

Is this toon still for sale? My bid stands as is.

Still for sale? bidding 19b

Still for sale, not in any rush.

21b b/o ready now

Edit: withdrawn found another char

22B B/o


No longer for sale

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