WTS Jump Freighter Pilot 16mill SP 12Bill starting Bid


Selling My jump freighter pilot as no longer used and the isk would be better spent developing my main,
this character comes with no assets apart from a mammoth that its currently sat in. Listed below are the crucial points to note. If you have an questions please feel free to ask. Transfer will begin upon receipt of ISK.

  • 2016 account
  • No Jump Clones installed
  • No Augmentations
  • 16,036,213 Skill Points
  • Remap Available
  • No Killrights
  • Positive Wallet
  • Neutral Standing
  • Location - Jita 4-4
  • I will pay the fee
  • Starting Bid 12 Bill
  • Buyout 18 Bill

(this is my first time selling anything on here so not too sure on time scale and that but from other posts i believe this to be a good price)


Will start it off with 12B offer, When will sale end ?

no its a 12 bill starting bid and it will run for 4 days unless someone offers me 18 bill in which case i reserve the right to end it early.




Im assuming this thread should be closed since it looks like this char has been bio massed ?

Current : Skill Points 5,501,293

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