*SOLD* WTS - Amarr JF Pilot


Positive Wallet

no kill rights active

no jump clones

Highsec JIta 4-4

NPC Corp - No Employment History

Daily Bump

7B - Can you confirm current level of Jump Freighters skill? It displays 0 at the moment.

JF 2 and 3 finishes in 1 day 12 hrs

7.2b Post must be at least 5 characters

7.5B Isk

7.8b Post must be at least 5 characters

8B Isk

8.2b isk

All yours buddy.

Gah, finally. Thanks.

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Will you be paying by PLEX or credit card for the transfer?

Current bid 8.2B, If I don’t get any further bids by 02:00 04/30/2019 Eve Time Ill consider it sold.

Credit Card

02:48 now :smiley:

lol sorry u rite , Sold to Alpha Explorer for 8.2B

I’ll send the isk over to you with an evemail containing the account you’re going to be transferring the pilot to.

ISK and account details sent - waiting for confirmation

SOLD - ISK received and transfer initiated

:heart: Thanks for the prompt response and effortless transaction, much appreciated.

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