WTS 10.8m skill point JF(Ark) Pilot

I’m three and a half hours away from flying an Ark, but currently an alpha account so I can’t get that finished up.
JDC IV, but you could extract unneeded skills to get that trained up fast.

I’ve never left my NPC corp that I joined 2016.07.04

I’m currently hanging out in Jita (my favorite place I’ve been) but want to see the universe!

I have a few low end implants, but don’t think that would impress you much.

I’ve performed a neural remap to raise my intelligence, but still have three remaps available.

I’ve spent most of my time in eve hauling around high sec with a freighter, which I have a skin for, but I can be great at jump freightering with just a little training.


Positive isk balance, npc corp.
All ccp rules apply

Need to disclose kill right info

No kill rights to disclose.

That’s all you had to say

Sorry, first time doing this. Didn’t realize it was proper to outright state it.

That’s why there is a pinned link on how to post and what you post. Just trying to help out.

I thought that the rule of “You must disclose if there are kill rights on the character for sale.” and “All ccp rules apply” would mean that since I didn’t disclose any killrights, there must not be any.
However, I can see how outright stating that can bring piece of mind and show that the lack of disclosed killrights wasn’t an oversight.
Thank you for the help. Reading the rules post only helps with official rules, not accepted social policies.

starting bid?

Hopefully at least 10b, but I’m not sure what a JDC IV JF pilot is worth.

4.5b offer

5b offer

5.5b offer

7b offer

8.5b b/o

Please let me know if you are still for sale.

Could you go up to 9b? I do have a freighter skin (the all white one)

Final offer 9b b/o.

okay. ill sell for 9 bil

isk sent.
account sent.
waiting for transfer.

Please confirm receiving isk and check your ingame mailbox.
I want the transfer finish in 2 days,or I will cancel the transaction.