WTS 16m Freighter/Jump Freighter pilot - SOLD

Selling myself, Jump freighter pilot.

Caldari Freighter 5
Gallente Freighter 4
Jump Freighters 4
Transport Ships 4

Amongst other L4 skills.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Com’on_Eit PW: 1234

Starting at 10B, buyout hidden.

Post here or EVE mail me.

10 bil

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Little odd choice of skills trained - like Fuel Conservation trained to 5, but Evasive Maneuvering to…0
Also no cloaking trained for DSTs/BRs - I will offer 12b b/o

Had intention of making it more than it is, (was stripped char when i bought it) but no need for this char any longer

BO accepted in Game.

Isk and account name sent

Kicking off transfer now.

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