WTB Ark Jump Freighter Pilot


(Erin Evenmoore) #1

Must have:

Jump Drive Calibration V

Jump Drive Operation V

Jump Fuel Conservation V

Navigation skills would be a good bonus

(Erin Evenmoore) #2

Searching for an Ark Jump freighter pilot.

Other Jump Freighter characters considered, but Ark preferred.

(Viktoriya Madeveda) #3

eveboard hasnt updated the fuel conservation to lv4+ but its best i got

(Erin Evenmoore) #4

What level is your Jump Freighter skill?

Eveboard says it is level 2. Is this correct?

Edit: Please update Eveboard so I can see correct skills

(Viktoriya Madeveda) #5

eveboard has been updated, Jump freighter skill is at 2

(Eung-Jung Hahm) #6

Hi there,

This pilot is going on the market soon:


Freighter and Jump Freighter 4
Industrial Command Ship 4
High Grade Ascendancy Implant Set
Near perfect processing skills

(system) #7

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