WTB Ark Jump Freighter Pilot

I am looking to buy an Ark Jump Freighter pilot. I have a high budget so don’t be afraid to post here.

Preferred skills:

Jump Drive Calibration V

Jump Drive Operation V

Jump Fuel Conservation V

Relevant Navigation Skills

PM or post here if interested. Otherwise chat with me in game

Searching still for that Ark

available to chat in game?

Yes I am available in game to chat


Caldari jump freighter pilot training Jump Drive Calibration V.

11 extra days for Amarr jump freighter.

Interested? Let me know.

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how much?

Yes I would certainly be interested in this jump freighter pilot.

I will offer you 13b

Still searching for jump freighter pilot

Hi, happy to accept 13Bil for PiiRad.

I will set her up as a character sale.

PiiRad character set up for sale under title:

WTS Focused Caldari Jump Freighter Pilot

If still interested please message PiiRad in game.

PiiRad character sold.

Still searching for Ark pilot

Still searching

Still searching


I’d be willing to sell him if the price were worth it. He is 23 hours from Ark and currently skilling for it.

All other skills maxed (including Gallente and Minmatar Freighter).

Interested? Feel free to make an offer.

Thank you for your post but I am afraid I am looking for a purely Ark or Ark focused character


JDC5, JDO5, JFC4, Jump Freighter 4, Amarr Freighter 4.

Just need to hop on over to high-sec from Provi if you’re interested. Can come with the Ark as well.

Thank you for your post.

20b buyout for character and Ark. ISK ready and available for transfer

Searching again


Let me know :slight_smile: