WTB JF pilot

Looking for a JF pilot. Doesn’t need to have perfect skills if the price is right, but do want it to be focused with no wasted SP.

Looks good. Will you take 16.5b?

Daily bump. Still looking, thanks

Not selling any longer, sorry.

Too low on time to make any deals at present


JDC5, JDO5, JFC4, Jump Freighter 4, Amarr Freighter 4, 11m SP.

Can come with an Ark as well, just gotta hop over to high-sec if you’re interested.

What’s the characters location, Wallet, and jump clone status?.

I’ll offer 7.5b for the toon. And Jita buying price for an ark contract

20b buyout for character and Ark. ISK ready and available for transfer

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