WTB JF pilot

(River's Pawn Shop) #1

Looking for a focused JF pilot with JDC 5

(River's Pawn Shop) #2

Bump still looking

(Natalia Anna) #3

Hey, If you still looking got 27,8m sp char, Minmatar Freighter lvl 5, JDC lvl 5 plus some extra skills. If you are interested let me know

(River's Pawn Shop) #4

What is your asking price?

(Natalia Anna) #5

not sure what I can get for it or whats fair. I just decided now that I might want to get rid of it. What you offering ?

(River's Pawn Shop) #6

show me the eveboard please.

(Natalia Anna) #7


PW: 1235

(Natalia Anna) #8

Its good trader and Blueprint Copyer etc. thats what I use it for also can use Transport ships

(River's Pawn Shop) #9

hmmm this character is worth more then what im willing to spend on a JF pilot which is at most 11b. so its best you try to sell it in other threads thanks for the consideration though.