Char Found please close this thread

Hello, capsuleers

I am looking for JF Pilot, JDC5 , JF4 , JFC 4, JDO 5, thats some really basic skill for the JF’s i am looking for, please let me know if you have it for sale. Want a Anshar pilot

I want a completely JF focused one, so other skill won’t matter other than support skills.


Still Looking :slight_smile:

Anyone? :slight_smile:

Still Looking

still looking, any race is alright :slight_smile:

Still Looking for the one :smile:

Urgent Requirement , Still Looking, Anshar Pilot

you want to negotiate price in-game? right now?

Sorry I was sleeping you can have it for 10 bil I also have a rigged nomad to go with which I can contract to you for 8 bil if you like?

can u take a convo?

Still Looking Budget increased to 10 bil, Anshar Pilot

I have this toon that is a Rhea pilot with the Jump skills you are asking for.

@Miss_Lace I can offer 10 bil

still looking

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