WTB Jf Pilot

Hello, looking to buy a Jump Freighter pilot.

Skills required:

  • Jump Skills at V (thats a must)

  • Decent Engineering/Tank skills

  • Preferably able to fly an Ark but any jump freighter is acceptable

Hit me with your offers here or ingame.



BUDGET? GOT a perfect one posted directly below this post.

saw it but its out of my budget…looking at around 10b or so


To the top!

Bump,still looking

Bumpity Bump

To the tooop! still looking


http://eveboard.com/pilot/Iskiee p.w 12345

Do you really think you will get a JF Pilot for 10B with excellent skills?

thanks for the offer!

@Randolph_Jackson my budget is around 10b meaning that im not interested in ridiculously high sp pilots or pilots with lots of sps in skills i dont need. Im happy to discuss about a higher price if i find a pilot really interesting and its close to what im looking for.

Bump! Still looking. Budget updated to 15b

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