WTB JF Pilot, 80M+ SP (Scanning, PI, Trade as well)

I’m in the market for a character with 80M+ SP that can pilot Jump Freighters, but also has some skills in scanning, PI and trade. Don’t care about combat skills unless they are drone skills and are useful for piloting something like an Astero.

Looking to spend 60-65B, but can go higher for the right character.

Check your in-game mail.

Sorry, no mail. You sure you sent it to the right character?

I tried, but your contact is turned off.

Check out EveSkillboard - Natacha Peyre

Let me know if interested, either here or in-game.

Really? That’s…weird. I’ll check on that and the character as well.

Edit: That character is certainly headed into the right direction, but has more combat skills than I am interested in and needs more work to get to JF 5, which is what i’m primarily interested in. But thank you very much for linking it.

No problem!

Has PI injected, sorry no scan skills but the very best freighter skills and excellent build & trade skills and much more.

Thanks for posting but I’m good on that character. I remember it from April/May when I bought my last character.

Not-withstanding PI and Scan, I’m guessing my toon offers a bit more than you require?

Nah, it’s just way too pricey for what is offered. I mean, not to be rude, but there is a reason it hasn’t sold since April.

Not being rude at all. So if it offered PI skills and scanning skills as per your original post it would fit the 60bil completely albeit slightly under your SP requirement?

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