Auction JF Pilots

Ark/Nomad Pilot
2.5B isk HG Slave Pod

Amarr freightor 4
Jump freightor 4
Jump cal 5
Jump fuel cons 5
Minmatar freightor 4

Up for sale if i see an offer i like i will sell

confirming i am for sale

Im interested in the toon how much for a buy out?

Id be interested for 8 Billion ISK, can transfer now if you accept.

Ok fair enough, im not sure you will find many takers at that price point since you are rapidly approaching injecting price, however best of luck to you in the sale m8. Fly Safe

character also has a 2.5b isk implant set remember :slight_smile:

I found my JF pilot at bazaar for around 10b — all V except jump fuel conservation, with mid set implants

bump for the day

bump for the day

bump for the day

Any chance you would sell it to a noob for 4bil?

no thats entirely to low

up for the day

Still for sale? If so what price are you looking for?

what if I pay whatever price you want but only put 4b down then pay off rest?

looking for around 14b since high grade slave pod is 2.5b and acquired the character for 12b. character has an ARK with ORE bulkheads and prototype jump drive economizers that could be sold seperatly.

Its missing both Level V for the racial freighters. Doesnt seem worth 14b to me. Let me know if you are willing to work on the price a bit.

Will ypu be available to chat in game in about an hour?

yes i will

Sorry I’m running a little late. I’m be online very soon