WTS 18.6m SP Jump Freighter Pilot JDC-5 JFC-5 JF-5

I am for sale.

SkillBoard PW: 1234

Looking for 18 Bil B/O
Positive wallet and sec status
Located in Amarr
1 Yearly remap
2 Bonus remaps
No Kill Rights

Be a profitable JF with perfect fuel efficiency and perfect jump range.
Take this pilot where you want with 3 remaps.
I will transfer this character using PLEX.


Hull Upgrades Level: 5
Mechanics Level: 5


CPU Management Level: 5


Evasive Maneuvering Level: 5
Jump Drive Calibration Level: 5
Jump Drive Operation Level: 5
Jump Fuel Conservation Level: 5
Navigation Level: 5
Warp Drive Operation Level: 5


Industry Level: 5


Science Level: 5


Shield Management Level: 5

Spaceship Command

Advanced Spaceship Command 5
Amarr Freighter Level: 5
Gallente Frigate Level: 5
Jump Freighters Level: 5
Spaceship Command Level: 5


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12b bid

Thanks for the offer, but I’m looking for a bit more.

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offerig 14b as im going to have to spend money on injecting a few extra skills your missing but looking good for a basic JF toon

What skills are you referring to?

ahh sorry was looking at anothe toon, only thing i think thats missing is Cybernetics V for high grade amulets but id be looking to do 16b

17 bill b\o


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@Demccy_Beast if no one else bids in 24 hours, it is yours if you still want it.

…Still for sale…

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17b b/o, offer stands for 24hr pm me

Still for sale?

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