Wts 32 000 000 sp Amarr Freighter/JF alt

Character skills

Jump Freighters V
Amarr freighter V
Transport Ships V

Character is in NPC corporation sitting in Jita 4-4
2 Jita Jump Clones available
No kill rights
Wallet is empty

Auction BO: 30 bil ISK

up up up


Hello @Andrey_Falrog

I’m specifically looking for a JF pilot. Your character may interest me. But I can’t open your skill link. Can you make another one and I will make you an offer.


Thanks @Andrey_Falrog ,

I can offer you 28B now

I am accepting 28bil offer. I will be able to initiate Xfer somewhere after DT

Account information and ISK sent !

Thx you

Xsfer has been started! TY

If you sell another character, be sure to read the rules. Char.tools4eve is offline

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