WTS 10M SP DST/BR/Freighter Pilot w/ Nomad


Looking to sell this character. Very focused Amarr DST/BR/Freighter pilot.

Skill sheet: SkillQ.net - Sarappi Paaltomo

Amarr Freighter IV, Amarr Hauler V, and Transport Ships IV.

Very good tanking and other support skills.

Full set of mid-grade nomads. Screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Positive ISK balance, NPC corp, no kill rights, located in Jita 4-4.

No particular buyout. I’ll keep it open for at least 24 hours and then take the best reasonable bid I see.

4.20 bil


@Diosa_Roja I’ll take the 5.5B.

ISK account has been sent

ISK received. When I try to transfer, it says target account has too many characters. Please send a new EVE mail with a new target account.

If I don’t get an EVE mail in 12 hours or so I’ll open it back up.

If it gets reopned, I will offer 6bil for it. You can contact me on Discord under: andemand1542 for instant response.

You can transfer now. There are available seats now

Transfer started.

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