[SOLD] WTS Amarr Jump Freighter Pilot / Trader - 17.8 m SP

(Silla Allis's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App)

Please see her skills in the link above.

  • She can fly Amarr Freighters, Amarr and Gallente Transport Ships, and even do a bit of mining in Barges.
  • She can’t fly much else and as a pacifist is terrible at shooting things.
  • She has good Trading skills.
  • +4 implants
  • Positive Security rating and wallet
  • She’s in an NPC corp in Jita.

Start at 12b
BO 17b

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Offer 12b

Thank you very much for your bid!

Offer 13,5B

Thank you very much for your bid. I’m looking for around 15 b so you’re close.

Ok for 15B, I am available now to send ISK/account name. It’s OK for you ?

Great! Send the ISK and the account name via in game email and I’ll transfer the character immediately.


ISK and account name sent.

Thank you very much for the pilot

ISK received I will now make the transfer. Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the pilot.

Character transferred you’ll have her in 10 hours.

Thanks again

Pilot received, thank you very much

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