146m sp all marauders; strategic cruisers; amarr carrier and dreadnought pilot

I am considering selling one of my pilots. Amarr female who drives a great variety of subcap ships and Amarr carrier/dreadnought/supercarrier. The detailed skills list, standings and other useful info can be found here: Serapiha

Nothing valuable comes with the character: no assets. wallet balance close to Zero, no worthy implants
4 JC
No kill rights
Current character location: Vuorrasi

I will pay the transfer fees.

2 bonus remaps available
500k unallocated SP
Security status is a bit below 0

I calculated that extraction value is about 100b isk, I dont want to go lower than that. Any higher bids are welcomed.

105B offer

106 bil

108B offer

Auction will be closed tomorrow. Continue on bidding, time is limited.

109B offer

You are a winner of this auction with 109b bid. Please move forward isk and acc name via in-game mail

I have completed the transfer of ISK and have informed you of the game account it needs to be transferred to via in-game mail.
Please proceed with the transfer as soon as possible.

Transfer started. TY for the deal!

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Thank you, I have received the character. This was a pleasant transaction.

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