WTS 88.3m SP Amarr Carrier 5 Dread 4

WTS 88.3m SP Amarr Carrier 5 Dread 4


  • In Amarr
  • NPC Corp
  • No kill rights
  • Positive wallet
  • +80k Unspent SP
  • 1 Jump clone with implants
  • Yearly and 2 bonus remaps available

Start 75B

Offer 62b isk ready now.

64 B B/O

Bump Bump

Still for sale.

65 bill

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66 bill ISK

Willing to meet at 70 bill ?

Accepted, please send ISK and account name.

Sorry mate, my ISK went to another investment , already retracted another bid aswell… next time…

Alright, still for sale then!

Bump. Reserve set at 66 bil. Accepting Buyouts!!

66b ? ?

66b offer accepted. Please send isk and account.

isk and acc name sent :slight_smile:

Isk Received. Character Transfer Started.

Transfer Completed

completed and receeived

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