All core & support skills at 5 !

Positive standing.
No Killrights.
Located in HS.
Positive wallet.
2 remaps available.
Located in Jita.
2 jump clones located in jita and amarr with +3s

Paying transfer
12.5 bil start bid
b/o 18b ono

11 bil

thank you for you offer, but i’m looking for a bit more

starting bid?

12.5 bil

12.5 bil

best your gonna get from me

Bump bump

13b b/o

Looking for a bit more

reason: bought another char.

but i will look here after a week))

fly safe/

daily bump

14.5b my offer, i will use as new main, not strip her

offer accepted please send isk and account info so i can begin transfer

Ill be at home in 1hour± and send asap

Do you still want?

Sent you mail, still want to buy
Isk and acc name, will wait for new main and ty

transfer started

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