WTS 47.6M SP Amarr/Minmatar Pilot

Want to Sell This Baby Boy

info about him:

  • he’s ready to move to npc corporation any moment
  • a 2018 Character
  • Can fly Carriers, Faxes, Supers Carriers, Logi Subcaps and some other subcaps
  • Has 2 Bonus Remap Available right now
  • No JUmpClones installed right now
  • Location Amarr
  • Going to pay the Transfer Fee in plex.
  • https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Victor_Dalisay

Starting Bid will going to be : 40 bil :slight_smile: any lower bid in that will going to be considered as a free bump of the day.

BUYOUT: 60 bil.

daily bump.


I will give you 40B to start.

cool thats a good way to start. may the bidding continue :slight_smile:


Daily Bump.

30 b ready


35b b/o

daily Bump

Closed at the polite request of the OP.